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Yourhome Rotterdam helps international students to get settled in a new city.
Yourhome Rotterdam students
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A start-up focused on helping international students make Rotterdam their home.


The easiest way to arrange all necessary contracts to get you settled in Rotterdam.

Yourhome welcome package
Welcome box

The care package designed to help you survive your first days in your new home.

What’s in it for you?


Our partners are the cornerstone of our value creation.


Energy and gas contracts are arguably the most complex contracts on our website. Before you start you need to know whether you want energy, energy + gas, or energy + city heating and you need to know your current meter standings and your EAN codes. But don’t worry; we’ll guide you through it.

Water contract

All Rotterdam houses need to arrange a contract with Evides waterbedrijf for their water contract. However, where you normally have to fill in an extensive form with information, we just ask 5 questions from you. Look up the current number from your water meter and you are good to go.

Splash lease

Tired of doing dishes after every meal? Lease a dishwasher from splash lease. With convenient one year leases you can have a dishwasher installed with insurance for less than €20 per month. Also washing machines, dryers and TV’s can be leased from splash lease.


No house can be without internet connection nowadays. Through our website you can take care of your internet contract with just a couple clicks. You can choose between the standard internet contract for the occasional browser, or the premium contract for the hardcore streamer.


The latest addition to the services we can arrange is a sim-only phone contract. However since this is currently in a piloting stage, we are not yet able to do this 100% through our platform yet. To get your phone contract taken care of by us, send us an email at


Do you think you pay too much rent for your room? Did you know the Dutch law actually has maximum prices per room size? Rentbusters offers free rent checks and takes on the whole process for you when the rent is significantly different than what the Dutch law prescribes. No cure no pay!